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Early this year, I had the privilege of contributing a chapter to a book called What’s next in journalism? New media entrepreneurs tell their stories.  I expect it should hit the shelves this October. Befittingly, you can also buy it as an e-book.

As the title suggests, the book takes the temperature of the emerging sector of news media, and contains a collection of contributions by new media entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds including journalism, IT innovation, social activism and community work.

More about the book via Scribe, the publisher’s website.

What's Next in Journalism

It only occurred to me that Meld would typically be considered a social enterprise until I attended Global Shifts 2012, a social enterprise conference hosted by RMIT. At the heart of social enterprise is the understanding that businesses can be used to solve problems in the community – which is a departure from the traditional notion of not-for-profit organisations being unprofitable ventures and hence wholly reliant on grant funding.

More on that in my interview with Pro Bono News:

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